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For a 2015 directory of helpful information for seniors and their families go to:
You can order a free copy of the 2015 Guide to city and town services.
The Greater New Haven Edition of the guide covers: East Haven, Hamden, Milford,
New Haven, North Haven, Orange, West Haven and Woodbridge.

Get information about Alzheimer's Awareness at:
For Additional information, visit:

Copies of all of the Health Care Literacy & Education programs seen on
"21st Century Conversations" are now available on VHS & DVD.

Call (203) 407-0250 to request a copy; the cost is $15/$25 each.


The Federal Source for Women's Health Information, Sponsored by the Dept. of Health & Human Services is:

National Institute on Aging
Building 31, Room 5C27
31 Center Drive, MSC 2292
Bethesda, MD 20892 - Will provide a range of health information for mature adults.  The publications are in English and Spanish. - Is a site totally dedicated to seniors.  This site is easy to navigate.  There are also health videos with up-to-date medical information, exercise and physical activities and tips for healthy living.  All topics on the site are listed from A - Z.


Updated Exercise and Physical Activity Tips for Older Adults

Now Available on NIHSeniorHealth Site

Quinnipiac Valley Health District is offering the Flu Shot-

Call (203) 248- 4528 for more information.

New Haven Seniors, call Health Dept. at  946-7854 for specific information about services.

Mammogram Screening is always available at Hospital of St. Raphael, Yale and at other Primary Care centers. Call a health care center and make an appointment.

  • All women 40 and older should get screened for Breast & Cervical Cancer. Black women & women with a family history of Breast Cancer should start screening at age 35. If you have not been screened in the past year, call 789-3275 to set up an appointment for the Hospital of Saint Raphael or call Yale at (203) 785-4095 to get your Cancer Screening. Yale also has the Mammography Van that travels to various neighborhoods to conduct screening.

    Call 688-6800 to get information about the Mammography Van.

  • With cancer you cannot play the ignore it game; get informed. Learn!

  • Call the numbers listed to find out where there is a screening taking place near you.

  • Screening can be covered by insurance

  • Financial assistance is available for those unable to pay.

  • Call Yale at 785-4095, or 785-4191 for an appointment today, or call St. Raphael at 789-3275.  Be sure to get screened!


Community Health Resources  & Elderly Resources for:
East Haven, Hamden, Milford, New Haven, North Haven & West Haven

Emergency Calls Statewide- 911 | InfoLine Statewide  2-1-1 - Get informed, get involved
Reach your elected representatives ... Get Your Representatives' Votes by email weekly. Find out exactly what is going on in Congress. Let your representatives hear from you - The Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare is a consumer beneficiary Website that provides access to information about Medicare, Medicare health plans, contact information and publications, as well as information about health care fraud and abuse and nursing homes.

Exercise & Physical Activity:
Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging

Senior Citizens' Resources: for Seniors: View topics about and for senior citizens, including retirement, health, housing, taxes ... Official information and services from the U.S. government ... Adult education, AARP working options, Senior Corps.


Jobs for boomers and seniors and the over 50 workforce
Employers posting with us are committed to hiring baby boomers and older workers... Information on Career Descriptions, and Education and College Search ...

A Senior's Guide to Good Nutrition is available on the Internet:

See also:  Eating Well As We Grow Older

  •  AIDS Interfaith 1303 Chapel - 624-4350
    Comprehensive support programs for those with HIV/AIDS & provides help to people in all of Greater New Haven.

  • CT Domestic Violence Hotline (Statewide) 1-800-799-7233

  • CT Children's Hotline (safety & services)  1-800.842-2288

  • East Haven Health Dept.  481-4233

  • Senior Citizens Center: 91 Taylor Ave 468-3277

  • Fair Haven Comm Health Center 777-7411

  • Hamden & No. Haven Health Dept 248-4528

  • Hamden Elderly Services 287-2547

  • Hill Coop. Youth Services 624-4108

  • Hill Health Center Dixwell 503-3420

  • Hill Health Clinic
    • 428 Columbus Ave, 503-3000
    • 62 Grant Street Partner 503-3350

  • Milford Health Dept. 783-3285

  • Senior Citizen Center: 9 Jepson Drive, Milford, CT (203) 877-5131

  • New Haven Health Dept. Service Programs 946-7878

  • AIDS/HIV Counseling & Testing 946-6453

  • NH Elderly Services 946-8596 or 946-7854

  • Elderly Nutrition Site 946-8559, Atwater St

  • Elderly Services Outreach 946-8585 (New Haven)

  • Maternal & Child Health Information/Outreach (203) 946-8187

  • STD Treatment Clinic 946-8181

  • School Health Records 946-8167

  • North Haven Health Dept.  248-4528, 1151 Hartford Turnpike, No. Haven

  • North Haven Senior Citizens Center 239-5432, 189 Pool Road, North Haven

  • West Haven Health Dept. 937-3660

  • Senior Centers 937-3506 & 937-3595

  • Wheat  931-9877

    Important Statewide Phone Numbers:

    911- Statewide Emergency

    211 - Statewide Information

    800-774 - 2900 - Domestic Violence HotLine


    Medication Tips

    • Know the names of each medication you are taking.  

    • Before leaving the doctor's office, ask the name of any new medication that has been prescribed for you.  

    • Keep your doctor's phone number by the phone

    • Get to know your pharmacist and the phone number of your pharmacy.

    • Every time you fill a new prescription, ask the pharmacist to double-check to ensure that what you are given  is exactly what your doctor ordered.

    • Report any uncomfortable side effects to your doctor's office immediately


    Basic Safety Tips

    • Do not give your house keys to workers who come to do repairs.

    • Do not open your door unless you know who is on the other side.

    • Keep emergency phone numbers posted near a telephone where you can see them.  Put by the phone the number of a friend or relative you can call on in case of difficulties of any kind.  Call for HELP!

    • Be sure to have the phone number of your local police dept. and know the name of at least one officer who covers your area.

    • Call and report suspicious activities in your building or neighborhood to either building security or to the Police Dept.

    • Remember to lock all of your doors and the garage door

    • Do not go out doors at night to investigate noices; call your building security or call the police.


    Getting & Keeping Doctors Appointments

    Write all doctors' appointments in a date book; put the appointment cards on the refrigerator where you can see and remember them.

    Include the phone numbers of all providers next to the date of the appointment.

    • Hamden Seniors - Call Hamden Elderly Services at (203) 287-2691 to arrange for a ride to your next doctor's appointment.  Call one week ahead to request your ride and give the time of your appointment.

    Breast Cancer Screening for Hamden Residents:

    • The Yale Mammography Van will be at the Skiff St Stop & Shop. Call 688- 6800 to set up an appointment.  They accept all forms of insurance.

    Breast Cancer Screening Services for New Haven Seniors/Residents:

    New Haven Seniors/Residents (or anyone who has transportation):

    • New Haven Elderly Services - Atwater Senior Center - (203) 946-8558

    • New Haven Health Dept - (203) 946-6999

    • Director of Elderly Services, New Haven - 946-7854

    • To request a ride to doctors' appointments, call (203) 387-7700

    • Community Action Agency (781 Whalley Ave), or Logisticare (this is a toll-free number): Call 888 248-9895 (Require 2 business days notice)

    • Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers of New Haven - (203) 230-8994
      (Require one week's notice and request)
    • For seniors living in Fair Haven, the Fair Haven Health Clinic offers a range of services.
      Call 777- 7411 to get more information.

    • For those living in the Hill, call Hill Health Center at 503-3000


    Information about Buying on the Internet

    • Do not enter the tracking number of your checking account on the Internet.

    • No not give your credit card or your checking account number to anyone who calls selling you something.

    • Do not give out your address to callers you do not know.

    • Do not buy items over the Internet that you need to try on.  Be sure to buy ONLY from reputable companies that have a reasonable return policy.

    • Ask for the rules regarding return policy before completing the transaction.

    • If you cannot return it to the seller, do not buy it.  

    • Shipped items often arrive damaged and should be returned to the seller.

    • If you have any doubts at all, enlist the help of a trustworthy friend, neighbor or relative before buying on the Internet.


    Tips On Getting Help In Your Home

    • Be certain that anyone you hire is recommended by someone you know and trust.  Ask for evidence of the person's prior work.

    • If it for a big job, call the state office that regulates that type of function, or call someone you trust so that he or she can help you.

    • DO NOT HIRE someone who comes and knocks on your door offering to do work.

    • Do not sign a contract until you have read and fully understand every word of it.  Ask questions; put all agreed to changes in writing in the contract .

    • D not agree to pay any money before the work is at least half completed and you are satisfied.  Do not pay the final amount until the work is finished.

    • Do NOT pay more than $10 in cash for any job.  If the job cost more than $10,  pay by check or money order.  Get a receipt!  DO NOT take out your purse and count out money in the presence of workers in your home.

    • Do NOT keep a lot of cash in the house; do not leave cash lying around where workers who come to your house can see it.   Secure all of your valuables in a safe, out-of-the-way place.



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