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"Heal the World" - HIStory Tour, Warsaw '96, Michael Jackson



Read the article from Zak Stone (of the New Haven Independent)
about our "Defying Stereotypes" program by clicking HERE!


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on texts from Julia Hare, author of:

"The Endangered Black Family"
"Miseducation of the Black Child"
"Bringing the Black Boy to Manhood: The Passage"


See Black History for REAL


Check out the article here.

Campus Diversity Important Predictor Of Interracial Friendships
Campus racial diversity predicts diversity in future friendships, and it's generally higher for minorities than whites.


Community Healing Day

Click HERE for 5 easy ways to celebrate on the 3rd week of October each year.


Know the "true essence" of Dr. Martin Luther King
(Jan. 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968):

Click here for resources and a list of his speeches.



Plan to become involved in the CHN. Visit this web site to learn more about
The Community Healing Network:


Most things are possible if we believe, set goals and work hard to achieve them.
Clarence Otis Jr. Biography
When Clarence Otis Jr. was named CEO of Darden Restaurants in December of 2004, he was one of just seven. 



OneWorld Salutes the Indomitable Spirits of Black American Women of History:


Marian Anderson, Maya Angelou, Josephine Baker,  Ida Wells Barnett, Mary MacLeod Bethune, Gwendolyn Brooks, Shirley Chisholm, Dorothy Dandridge, Ruby Dee, Fannie Lou Hamer, Virginia Hamilton, Lorraine Hansberry, Dorothy Height, Billie Holiday,  Alberta Hunter, Zora Neale Hurston, Mae Jemison, Barbara Jordon, Coretta Scott King, Eartha Kitt, Toni Morrison, Lucretia Mott,  Rosa Parks, Leontyne Price, Harriet Tubman,  Sojourner Truth, Sarah Vaughn, Madame CJ Walker, Ethel Waters, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Elizabeth Clarke (JA. WI. the person who molded and shaped N'Zinga), and the thousands of Black women who fought so hard and paved the way for the many & varied entitlements we claim today.


Sheila Johnson: America's first Black female billionaire –


Biography, learn about her:

Ebony, Sept, 2003 by Lynn Norment


Sheila Crump was born on Jan 25, 1949 in McKeesport, Pa. She moved nearly a dozen times as a child because of her father's job as a neurosurgeon.  Her father was also an accomplished pianist. Her mother, an accountant by trade, also played the piano. Immersed in music as a child, Johnson nurtured her talents to earn a music scholarship at the University of Illinois, where she earned degrees in performance and education. Sheila married Bob Johnson in 1969 and the couple had two children. She taught music at the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, organizing students into an orchestra that performed at the invitation of Jordan's Queen Noor, who would later enlist Johnson's aid in establishing a national music conservatory in Jordan.


Learn about some of these women!

Bear in mind, the fight is far from over.  Those of us who dare to think for ourselves, often have to fight against those who are still mental slaves. We must remain vigilant and live our lives with integrity!

We also salute those mothers and grandmothers everywhere, and all of the unsung sheroes we never hear about, but without whose courage and fortitude many of today's stars (men and women) would have never risen.  Let us move forward positively.


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