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Part 4: Caribbean 1


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Part 4: Caribbean 1

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Learn about The Covenant with Black America and the work being done by The Jamestown Project at Harvard.  Get The Foundational Covenant - "Strengthening the Family".

What are you doing to actualize each Covenant in your own life?
We implore you to talk with your children; find out what they are thinking, and how they are engaged when away from home.

Visit the Jamestown link and see some of the very dynamic and positive things to get involved in right in New Haven


What are you doing to Strengthen Your Family?   Do you think it is an impossible task?

Here are a few additional resources for you to explore:

Webster's Dictionary defines "quality time" as:
"Time devoted exclusively to nurturing a cherished person or activity."

Working moms and dads are left with so few hours of downtime that it can seem impossible to nurture their children exclusively. Depriving kids of quality time can leave them so desperate for attention they opt to get it from somewhere or someone else-the principal's office, the opposite sex, and/or a gang.

"The Covenant with Black America into Action"

Enola Aird was joined by Stephanie Robinson, Esq., Founding President & CEO of The Jamestown Project, Prof. Ron Sullivan, Yale University & Senior Fellow at Jamestown, Curlena McDonald, Chair, NH Black History Coalition, and people from the community.  We had technical difficulties with this program; however, copies are now available; you can place an order by calling (203) 407-0250; request a VHS or DVD copy for $15/$25.

The Jamestown Project at Harvard:
This is the website for The Jamestown Project at Yale, a nonprofit, nonpartisan institute dedicated to improving the quantity and quality of democratic articipation.

Every Feb there is a Special Black History Program at Gateway Community College:

60 Sarget Drive, in New Haven

Learn about the history and contributions of Black people in the United States, and value Black History everyday.

Get more information from these sites:


Mathematics and Science Mentoring Program Started in Sept. 2006 - It is ongoing.
Be a Mentor to a Black, Latino, or poor student.

Young people - Find a Mentor - Someone who can help to guide you in this life.  Find academic and career mentors.

Learn about Dr. Evelyn Boyd Granville and Dr. Marjorie Lee Browne-  women who were pioneers extraordinaire.

  • Evelyn Boyd Granville was:

    • The first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. in Mathematics in the United States.
    • She earned it at Yale in 1949.

  • Dr. Marjorie Lee Brown was:

    • The second African- American woman to have earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1950 from the University of Michigan. Important for today's students to take note!
    • Dr. Granville contributed significantly to space exploration.  Both these women achieved as they did at a time when it was most difficult for African- Americans to succeed in any area of academic endeavor in the United States.  Yet, they did and they did so splendidly.


Encourage minority children to pursue Mathematics and Science.
They too can have great success.  

Help to develop more Evelyn Granvilles and Marjorie Lee Brownes today.

Be a Mentor to a minority child!


Call us at 407-0250.




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