OneWorld Presents: Highlight of “21st Century” TV Programs “2006 to 1996”

The programs listed below are considered Outstanding and Highly Beneficial to the Greater NH & CT Communities based on feedback from viewers and on various forms of recognition received.

“Looking into the 21st Century” TV program began in June 1996 with a program titled:  “Job Skills for the 21st Century.”  Guests were business school directors, leading employers, and human resource managers.

The second program was “Positive Community Profiles,” featuring three local community activists: Mrs. Anne Calabresi, Mrs. Elsie Cofield & State Senator Toni Harp.


In 2007, the work and our effort to make a positive contribution to our community continue.

Over the years, the New Haven community came to depend on the programs for reliable health information and as a showcase for positive activities in the community.  Many young people became involved and the activities expanded enormously.  

In 2004, at the suggestion of the IRS, the production and its various community activities were incorporated as OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc.  Since then it has grown enormously.  The OneWorld web site at: is now a place people visit to get reliable information on a variety of issues.   Members of the community often call to request specific information.

Please also call to provide us with information about resources available in and to the community.   Become an active part of The Covenant in Action.  You can help to make a Positive Difference in your community.  We thank you for helping.

Year 2006 --  Recognized Outstanding TV Programs:

a)      “Diversity in Breast Cancer – Genomics to Racial Disparities”
b)      “Breast Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment Options” (Cancer Educ) PT 2
c)      "Lung Cancer 101 & Integrative Medicine"   (Cancer Educ. Pt 3)
d)      "Banking on Your Future - A Key to Homeownership"
e)      “Strategizing for the Best College Education”
f)       “Sexual Assaults in Families”  (Came about as a result of calls from people in the community)
g)      “Domestic Violence” Parts 1 & 2 – Dispelling the Myths and Breaking the Silence
d)      “Closing the Achievement Gap in Education” A continuing series
i)       “Women’s History in the 21st Century.”

Year 2005 – Recognized Outstanding TV Programs:

a)       “Promoting Homeownership through CHFA Mortgages.”
b)       “Human Trafficking in USA in 2005.”
c)       “A Celebration of Life – 50 Years of Transplantation.”
d)       “Clergy Abuse – A Three Part Series”
e)       “New Hope for Preventing & Treating Heart Disease.”
f)        “Political Polarization – Where are we heading?” (Guests - College students)
g)       “Understanding the New Medicare Prescription Drug Program” (Parts 1 & 2)
h)       “Preventing Obesity in Children.”  (Pediatrician, Nutritionist, Social Worker)
i)        “Diagnosing & Treating Depression.” (Guest: Neurologist & Psychologist)

Year 2005 Awards Received:
a)         Tuskegee University Community Service Award 2005
b)         CT General Assembly Commendation for Outstanding Community Service 2005


Year 2004  – Recognized Outstanding TV Programs:
a)         Predatory Lending in Mortgages; b) Keys to Home Ownership (Parts 2 & 3)
c)         Students Thinking Critically; d) Young People’s Forums;
e)         Issues of Concern to Teens
f)         Positive Youth Profiles  (Showing young people who succeed on all levels)
g)         Women, Heart Disease & Heart Transplantation (Transplant recipients & Surgeon)
h)         Health Care Literacy (A continuing series) & Update on Breast Cancer Treatment

Year 2004 Awards received:

1)         NE Regional Media Alliance, Award of “Outstanding Merit” (Teen Concerns)
2)         Nation of Islam – Community Pioneer Award
3)         “A Woman of Substance” – Selected by The Connecticut Post Newspaper

Year 2003 - Recognized Outstanding TV Programs:
a)         Creating Access to Health Care (Parts 1 & 2)
b)         Identifying Barriers to Effective Health Education
c)         The Joy & Benefits of Reading (3rd & 4th grade students and teachers)
d)         Keys to Home Ownership, Part 1
e)         A Conversation with Winfred Rembert (An Extraordinary Life)

Year 2002 – Recognized Outstanding TV Programs:

a)           “Defining Black History Month”
b)           “The Faces of Addiction”   c) “Addiction, Treatment & Mental Health.”
d)           “Getting Good Primary Health Care”    
e)           “Menopause Demystified”
f)            “Who are Muslims & What is Islam?”
g)           “Protecting the Public’s Health” (Profiling CT State Dept. of Health Services)
h)           “CT Responds to Post 9-11 – Issues.” (A three-part series with Yale Child Study Center, CT Dept. of Mental Health, and UConn Trauma Response Center)


Year 2001 – Recognized Outstanding TV Programs were:
a)         “Adoption – Navigating the System” (Parts 1 & 2)
b)         “HUSKY: Healthcare for Uninsured Children.”
c)         “Educating about Cervical & Uterine Cancers”
d)         “The Critical Importance of Fathers in the Family”
e)         “Motherhood & Parenting in Single Parent Households”
f)          “Prostate Cancer Part 2”        
g)         “Gateway Community College” – An Outstanding Community Asset.
h)         "A Slice of Life" Recovering Drug Addicts Discuss Their Experiences & Treatment                

Year 2001 – Awards Received:

1) American Cancer Society’s Sword of Hope Award for New England and New York.
2) Greater NH Business & Professional Clubs Community Service Award 2001
3) Jamaican/American Movement Community Service Award 2001
4) CT General Assembly Official Citation for Community Service 2001


Year 2000 – Recognized Outstanding TV Programs were:


1999 Recognized Outstanding TV Programs: