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OneWorld Progressive Institute's main goals are to:

  1. Promote overall good health and reduce disparities in health care outcomes by promoting health literacy, working to improve access, and encouraging proactive behaviors.
  2. Improve education at every level.
  3. Strengthen Families and Communities by focusing on the positive ways we can all work to make a positive difference.

Civic Engagement Education Health Public Good



Read the article from our show about students' role models:
Eminem: Role Model? by Melinda Tuhus


A Free College Education for Hard-Working Students?
Click HERE to read the article, Public School Kids Get a College "Promise"
by Melissa Bailey from the New Haven Independent


Our Forum on Health Care Reform shed light on different "universal" health care options-
Read the article, "Reform Is Coming" by Melinda Tuhus by clicking HERE.

Also read Melinda Tuhus' article:
"Reformer: We Have A Stake In D.C. Health Debate" about the Feb. 12th program at NHTV.

Health Reform must make Health Care more than just "sick care"-
Click HERE to Learn More from!


Read the article: "The Kids Get Their Say"
from OneWorld's Student Forum in April of 2010!

by Zak Stone | April 28, 2010 Comments
Students in New Haven Public Schools comment about
changes they'd like to see in the school system.

Read the article: Think of Grandma by Allan Appel from our May 21st Program
Students discuss the positive influences of grandparents and parents that
impose discipline and a structured environment.

Bill Moyers Journal: Interviews and news analysis on politics, arts and culture, the media, the economy, and issues facing democracy.


Read the article from Zak Stone (of the New Haven Independent)
about our "Defying Stereotypes" program by clicking HERE!



Participate in the discussions! Click for directions to: spacer NHTV



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