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Children's Mental Health


Contact Information for Children’s Mental Health Services

Mental health refers to:

  • How a child thinks, feels and acts when faced with life's situations.
  • It is how children look at themselves, their lives and the other people in their lives; evaluate the challenges and the problems; and explore choices.
  • This includes handling stress, relating to other children and adults, and making decisions.


1. Clifford W. Beers Child Guidance Clinic

Walk In & Emergency Services
93 Edwards Street, New Haven, CT 06511.
Mental Health Services for Children & Adolescents


2. Out-patient referrals- 203-777-8648

Parent/ guardian must initiate the call for care- serving Greater New Haven communit.


3. Child Guidance Clinic of Greater Bridgeport

180 Fairfield Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604
Phone:  (203) 394-6529 
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services for Children


4. Important behaviors parents and caretakers should pay attention to.

These may indicate that a child needs help!

  • Changes in mood – such as irritability, sadness or anxiety
  • Changes in sleep patterns or appetite
  • Changes in behavior patterns at school, at home, in peer relationships, social and academic behavior
  • Feelings of wanting to hurt him or herself, or hurt others


5. HUSKY Health provides benefits for kids up to 19 or even 21 years, in certain circumstances.


6. HUSKY covers all aspects of health care for children.


7. Call 211 from anywhere you are in the State on CT and ask for information about available psychiatric facilities for children; you can also walk into any emergency room if you have reason to believe that your child is in danger of hurting him/herself or others.


8. The CT Behavioral Health Partnership has Enhanced CARE CLINICS and Child & Adolescent Centers throughout the state of CT.

Call 211 to find out where there is a clinic near you.


9. Resources for Dyslexia on the Web Chosen by OneWorld, Inc. Click HERE!



To Learn More: Helpguide's ADD / ADHD Series


For more information see Diagnosing ADD & ADHD:
Making the Diagnosis in Children and Adults.


Helping a child with ADD / ADHD:


Guide to the signs and symptoms of ADD or ADHD in children. Includes tips on how to get an accurate diagnosis and what parents can do to help.

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Finding elder care and adequate health care support for loved ones as they age is a challenge. 

Our program, "Finding Appropriate Elder Care & Support",
will help you to start out in the right direction. 



Copies of our programs are available by sending us an email to:, or calling us at (203) 407-0250 to order a copy.

Department of Social Services
Aging Services Division 25 Sigourney Street, 10th Floor
Hartford, CT 06106
Phone (860) 424-5274
Toll Free (in State) 1-866-218-6631
Fax (860) 424-5301

Connecticut Community Care, Inc.  is a regional service which has both a public qualified division and a private Care Management Associates division.

CCCI serves those who do not qualify for the public program through its private division.
Connecticut Community Care, Inc. (CCCI) makes it possible for elders or individuals with disabilities to live independently at home.


Get info. and ask questions:
Phone: (860) 589-6226
Toll-free: (866) 845-2224
FAX: (860) 585-0858

Care Management Associates:
Toll-free: (800) 654-2183


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