Organ Donation

Each Got a Kidney Transplant: It Made a Big Difference

More Diversity is Needed in Organ, Tissue, & Bone Marrow Donation

  • A shortage of organs donated by minorities contributes to a longer waiting period for many minorities.
  • Fewer minorities are eligible to become living donors; however, this is not necessarily because of inequity in the system.  Please learn more about this!
  • Minorities can help themselves greatly by becoming better informed, more proactive, and more effective advocates for themselves. This is YOUR life!


The longer the patient waits for a transplant, the greater the risk of dying before the organ can be found.  Please become an organ & tissue donor.  Help to SAVE Lives!

One person of any race, gender or ethnicity can donate organs and save up to 9 people. Tissues from one person can enhance the quality of life for 50!

Many African-Americans & Hispanics in CT have had successful transplants and are living healthy & productive lives.  

Post-transplant recipients in Greater New Haven vary from 5 months to 38 years & going! Organ transplants work for many.

Watch "21st Century Conversations" w/N'Zinga on your local access channel for educational programs on organ donation & transplantation.

Knowledge IS Power! Get informed about this life-saving topic- you can only benefit!


Transplant information resources:

Fear is NOT the answer. Be Proactive and Be informed

Thanks be to a donor family in 1988; their gift of a donated heart gave my friend 18 additional years on this earth.  She was able to see her children become adults.

You can make a difference; sign your donor card and tell your family of your decision.  One complete donor can save up to 9 lives with organs and enhance the quality of life for 50-60 people through tissue graphs. Become an organ & tissue donor.


There are many transplant recipients in your town, in your child's school, and all around CT.  
However, for transplants to continue to be available to the many in our community who become gravely ill at a young age, we need to also have organ & tissue donors.

Please sign your organ & tissue donor card today.  BE A GIVER OF LIFE!


Visit and learn more about the life-saving miracles of organ & tissue donation and transplantation.  Read about a local recipient whose brother gave him a kidney.  For the past 7 years, Miguel lives without being on dialysis.  African-Americans and Latinos are more affected by kidney disease due to high blood pressure and diabetes.


To get a speaker for: your church, school, Boys or Girls Scout Troupe, business or community
organization, or to get literature sent to your organization, call New England Organ Bank at
800-446-6362, or call LifeChoice, Hartford. There is no charge for this valuable education program.

Read about Alonzo Mourning and his bout with kidney disease; Alonzo had a kidney transplant in 2004. Learn more at:


Potential transplant recipients must learn to be good advocates for themselves, and form
effective partnerships with their transplant team.  There are two transplant centers in CT -
Yale Transplant Center & Hartford Hospital Transplant Center.



  • Americans continue to strongly support the concept of donating organs or tissues for transplantation. The proportion of survey respondents who said they support or strongly support organ donation rose from 93% in 1993 to 95% in 2005; however, effective & timely education and prior discussion seem to be at the heart of following through on donation at the time of death.

If you have questions, please contact Madeleine Hess at 301-443-6866.


Be An Organ Donor.  Save Lives!


We Need More Organ Donors.  Don’t take your organs to Heaven; you will not need them there, but there are thousands who need and can use your organs here on earth!

In CT you can join the DMV Donor Registry by indicating it on your license.

Many people die because they cannot get a donated kidney.  Many people die tragically; sign a donor card and give the gift of life.  Become an organ donor.


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