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In Connecticut the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is being implemented through the mandated Health Insurance Exchange (HIX). The official name is Access Health CT.

Below are links to more National Information about the Affordable Care Act. GET THE FACTS!

      a) Summary of the Affordable Care Act | The Henry J. Kaiser Family

      b) Fact Sheets & Frequently Asked Questions FAQs - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

      c) Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions - Internal Revenue Service

      d) Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

      e) ObamaCare: Myths About Health Care Reform - Obama Care Facts - The Obama Care Myths about       health care aren't just confusing, they are wrong. ObamaCare myths range from premium increase to        ObamaCare planting chips.

      f) Health Care Reform and Medicare Myths vs Facts - AARP - The media noise about the new health care       law is confusiing -- and scary. Here's the truth about how it will change your life.

      g) Connecticut's Health Care Resource Guide - United Way of CT - Phone (2-1-1)

      h) Connecicut - Families USA

      i) The New Haven MOMS Partnership, Yale School of Medicine - The PMS, Perinatal, and Postpartum       Research Program, a women;s-only research program at Yale's School of Medicinem had serveral       exciting projects that might offer you valuable resources. Details about each individual program can be       found under the Current Studies sections of this website.


The Affordable Care Act:



ObamaCare Explained: A 22 minute video explaining the need for the Affordable Care Act. Watch this video; get the facts about the need for and benefits of the ACA. Don't believe the myths and propaganda; get the real facts about the ACA.


Obamacare: "The Real Reason Republicans Oppose It"



Congressman Weiner: AHIP Report Makes Strongest Case In Weeks For Public Option

Huffington Post: White House Office Of Health Reform Director "Blindsided" By AHIP




Order a VHS or DVD copy of our new education program on “Preventing & Managing Diabetes” with Dr. Robert Sherwin, M.D., FACC Diabetologist, Assoc. Prof. of Med., Yale University & Erin Ruppe, APRN, Diabetes Prevention Specialist, Fair Haven Health Clinic.  Call us at (203) 407-0250 or send us an email to order.

Click here to get more detailed Q & A from the diabetes program in PDF format



  • Watch your access channel for our new Health Literacy Programs on Cancer


OneWorld greatly appreciates the help of physicians from Yale University Breast Cancer and Thoracic Cancer programs & all the doctors in CT who help to make our information programs possible.


We also thank: 

  • Renee Gaudette, Public Affairs Dir. at Yale Cancer Center for her help and cooperation with our Health Care Literacy and Cancer Education series
  • Dr. Woody Lee, Dr. Rachel Lampert, Dr Jaime Berger, all cardiologists, and Tené Lewis, Ph.D., for their work on our Women, Stress & Heart Disease series.  


These programs are available on DVD.

See the Patient Information pages on this web site for more on the Health Care Literacy series!   Request a copy of any program!
 Watch it several times. Become informed and empowered with factual information.



October 16, 2008 we presented an education program on “Preventing & Managing Diabetes” with Dr. Robert Sherwin, M.D., FACC Diabetologist, Assoc. Prof. of Med., Yale University Erin Ruppe, APRN, Diabetes Prevention Specialist, Fair Haven Health Clinic

See Patient Information page for more information


or click here to view the program in PDF format



Steve Case has started an Online Revolution in Health Care:  
Universal Health Care Foundation is waging a HealthCare for Everyone Campaign. Get their Newsletter and campaign updates at:


OneWorld's Forum on Health Care Reform in America
shed light on different "universal" health care options-

Read the article, "Reform Is Coming" by Melinda Tuhus by clicking HERE.

Become informed about your health care condition. Do your own research!  Ask probing questions. Get second opinions! Your life could depend on that single step! Form effective HC partnerships.

Yale Cancer Center – 866 – Yale Cancer
Medical Oncology (203) 785-4191
Genetic Counseling (203) 764- 8400
Patient Care Coordinator (203) 785-2328
Learn more at:
Cancer Care & Treatment, or Clinical Trials at Yale, visit:

Learn more from the American Cancer Society, call - 1·800·ACS·2345.  Visit:

  • Fear is NOT the answer.  Get more information; visit the links below & above
  • Be proactive and be informed.
  • Call 1-800-ACS-2345, or visit:

    Visit: for more health care information
    that focuses on New Haven

  • Call Yale's Mammagraphy Van at 688-2219 for an appointment to have a ammogram.Call HSR at 789-3131, or call your local health care provider.  Do it today!

  • Watch your access channel for our new Health Literacy Programs on Cancer

  • OneWorld greatly appreciates the help of physicians from Yale University Breast
    Cancer and Thoracic Cancer programs
    & Renee Gaudette, Public Affairs Dir. at Yale Cancer Center for their help and cooperation with our Health Care Literacy and Cancer Education series.  Without the physicians' generosity the series would not be possible.

Understand the Transplant Waiting Lists:

Watch our informative "21st Century Conversations" on your local access channel during in April

The Transplant Waiting Lists Exist to Promote:
a) Equity - Fairness in the transplant system
b) Utility - Best use of scarce resources, and
c) Justice - Prevent bias in favor of or against

April is National Organ & Tissue Donor Awareness Month.

Sign up to be a donor!

August is National Minority Organ Donor Awareness Month
in New Haven and Southern CT.


August 1st is National Minority Awareness Day.  In CT, you can learn about the benefits of organ & tissue donation every day!

“We Need More Organ Donors.  Don’t take your organs to Heaven; you will not need them there, but there are thousands who need and can use your organs here on earth!”

In CT you can join the DMV Donor Registry by indicating it on your license.

Many people die because they cannot get a donated kidney.  Many people die tragically; sign a donor card and give the gift of life.  Become an organ donor.

High Blood Pressure (HBP) is a major contributor to kidney failure.

Diabetes is proliferating


Go to for more detailed info.

  • Medicare helps pay for kidney dialysis and kidney transplant services

  • It is more cost effective to pay for the transplant than to keep up dialysis

  • 19,919 African-Americans were organ donors in 2004 · Many were living donors of kidneys to relatives.  However, that is not so in CT.

  • 42,883 non Anglo-Americans were organ donors in 2004

  • 121,533 Caucasians were donors in 2004

  • In the Northeast Region 3,942 are on TransplantWaiting Lists

  • 684 are African-Americans

  • 351 Hispanics (most are waiting for a kidney)

  • Every 18 minutes, someone is added to the national waiting list

  • Everyday, 12 - 17 people die waiting for an organ transplant ·     

  • By the year 2010, one out of every twenty people will require an organ, tissue or corneal transplant

  • The argument has been made that matching organs between members of the same ethnic and racial groups often enhances successful transplantation.

  • Hypertension is a major cause of kidney failure.   As this hypertension often goes undiagnosed and untreated, it frequently results in end-stage renal disease and eventual kidney failure.

  • African-Americans are four times more likely than Caucasians to be on dialysis due to kidney failure.

  • The most effective treatment for kidney failure is transplantation


    • The National Transplant Act of 1984 established full and equal access to donated organs and tissues for all potential recipients on the basis of need and availability, not race or wealth.

    • You may be seen as an outpatient or be admitted to the hospital for evaluation of your disease because your doctor feels that a transplant might help you.

    • The purpose of this evaluation is to determine whether a transplant would be good for you. The hospital stay is several days.

    • While you are hospitalized, you will have many blood and skin tests, x-rays and perhaps a cardiac catheterization.

    • These are special tests that will help them to understand your disease and other aspects of your illness.

    • On rare occasions they discover something that would make the transplantation too dangerous.

    • A computerized waiting list developed by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (USHHS) uses a ranking algorithm to match donated organs to potential recipients nationwide.

    • The point system uses criteria included blood type, medical urgency, and time spent on the waiting list to determine ranking priority.

    • For heart, liver and lung transplants, criteria also include the size of the organ in comparison to the patient and the distance between the donor’s hospital and transplant center.

    • Tissue typing, organ function and other complex laboratory tests are done for all transplants.

    • This testing ordinarily takes from eight to 12 hours.

Griffin Hospital has published "A Guide to Family Health History."  We think the guide is very helpful.  Visit their website at: or call them toll-free at: 800-354-3094; local (203) 735-7421.  To learn about their various services and programs, call (203) 732-7211


Click HERE for Family Health Resources on the Web


Click HERE for Healthy Aging Resources on the Web


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