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Rapidly escalating HC costs are crushing family, business, and govt. budgets. Effective health care reform will save you money. No Health reform will save millionaires money. Will your Representative choose the millionaires or you?


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Dodd, Christopher J. - (D - CT) Class III
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Lieberman, Joseph I. - (ID - CT) Class I
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The link below is for people to find out what is in the newest health care bill that the president just signed:

The new health care bill will ensure coverage for most Americans- learn more about the new health care bill before the House of Representatives below.



Learn more from CT Citizens Action Group for Health Care for America NOW!      

Connecticut Citizen Action Group | CCAG

Call 860-995-3389 to get involved.


CT Community, State and National Resources that
Support Real Health Care Reform


Health Care | The White House

(202) 456-1414

Comprehensive health care reform can no longer wait. Rapidly escalating health care costs are crushing family, business, and government budgets.
Comment at 202-456-1111.  Call Congress! and


Check these web sites and call, write, email; support reform. – Our site provides a range of information to visitors.
Work for health care reform.

Please demonstrate that: A vibrant democracy requires direct action by the people. 


CT Citizens Action Group for Health Care for America NOW is a group working for reform. | Call 860- 995-3389 to get involved.


Health Care Reform: 450,000 Doctors Can't Be Wrong

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Physicians for a National Health Program PNHP

Health professionals who support a Single-Payer National Health Insurance

Click HERE to read their flyer regarding SustiNet, Connecticut's Public Health Care Plan


Universal Health Foundation at:
The healthcare4every1 Campaign is the statewide educational and advocacy campaign uniting residents, businesses, and organizations committed to quality affordable health care for all residents and businesses.


CT Permanent Commission on the Status of Women

Advocating for Women.  Leadership & Democracy. Health Care (860) 240-8300


Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc.

Advancing fair access to Medicare and health care. | 860-456-7790


Healthcare-NOW! – Organizing for a National Single-Payer
Support Healthcare-NOW! The fight for real healthcare reform does not end - six faith organizations, over 45 municipalities, and over 465 unions...


Health Care Reform, Universal Health Care, National Health
American Health Care says:
Single-payer national health insurance will save our economy, prevent medical bankruptcy and above all, save lives. Medicare for ALL is the Right Prescription for America.


Here are some healthcare highlights for children and families:


Religious Support Groups and Statements for
Comprehensive Health Care Reform:


One of the central public policy questions for U.S. citizens today is whether the richest nation on earth will continue to allow millions of poor people to exist without health insurance.  To do so violates biblical justice.  How can pro-family Christian political voices not demand health insurance for poor families?  How can pro-life Christian political coalitions not insist on decent health care for poor babies after they are born?  How can any Christian read what the Bible says about the poor and what Jesus says about the sick without hearing a divine call to demand that every person in this nation, starting with the poor, have access to health insurance?
--- From Just Generosity by Ronald Sider, founder of Evangelicals for Social Action 


Of all forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.
--- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Health care CPR: Religious groups push for reform

Current editionreligious groups support health care reform
According to U.S. Census Bureau data, the number of uninsured increased to 46.3 million in 2008, from 45.7 million in 2007. Religious leaders see a number of moral principles involved in health care. Those who support reform say affordable access to care is a moral imperative. Religious opponents of reform fear that it will enlarge access to abortion and that it could restrict care for the most vulnerable. Since the goal of health insurance reform is to improve access to care and give it to those who don’t now have it, whatever happens will affect virtually every American.


Every person has the right to adequate health care. This right flows from the sanctity of human life and the dignity that belongs to all persons, who are made in the image of God... Our call for health care reform is rooted in the biblical call to heal the sick and to serve 'the least of these,' the priorities of justice and the principle of the common good. The existing patterns of health care in the United Sates do not meet the minimal standard of social justice and the common good.
--- Resolution on Health Care Reform, U.S. Catholic Bishops [1993]


From the dawn of human history God has created loving souls and blessed each with the 'imago dei' - the very image and likeness of God. By grace God endows those in the health care professions with the means and methods of healing. Only through a just system of health care can Jesus' promise of life abundant (John 10:10b) be visited upon all persons.
--- The Rev. Dr. Bob Edgar, General Secretary, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA [2002]


To be without health insurance in this country means to be without access to medical care. But health is not a luxury, nor should it be the sole possession of a privileged few. We are all created b'tzelem elohim-- in the image of God -- and this makes each human life as precious as the next. By 'pricing out' a portion of this country's population from health care coverage, we mock the image of God and destroy the vessels of God's work. 
 ---Rabbi Alexander Schindler, Past President, Union of American Hebrew Congregations [1992]


The health of a society is truly measured by the quality of its concern and care for the health of its members... The right of every individual to adequate health care flows from the sanctity of human life and that dignity belongs to all human beings... We believe that health is a fundamental human right which has as its prerequisites social justice and equality and that it should be equally available and accessible to all.
--- Imam Sa'dullah Khan, The Islamic Center of Southern California


Health security is an issue that affects all of us.  Every person has a fundamental human right to quality healthcare --- healthcare that is affordable, accessible, and compassionate.  As the nation begins to transform the healthcare system to one that is sustainable, it will be important that we, as a society, ensure that healthcare in the U.S. respects the dignity of every person and delivers the quality, compassionate care we expect and deserve.  Meaningful reform will require dialogue, the acceptance of diverse views and above all, compromise.  With the human right of healthcare at stake, all of us must work together to make sure future generations inherit a healthcare system that embraces quality and compassion.
--- Catholic Healthcare West's Perspective, as printed in their Health Security Index, Spring 2007 


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