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Your Attention PLEASE - In-School Suspensions Mandated!


The CT Legislature recently passed a bill which mandates in-school suspensions.  (This is intended to help students who constantly get into trouble.  Maybe if they had to stay in school for suspensions, there will be less suspensions given out).

The State says: Stay in school. David Larson, executive director of the CT Association of Public Schools Supts., opposes the bill as "another unfunded mandate," and accuses the legislature of trying to micro-manage the schools.  Elizabeth Brown, CT Commission on Children, and George
Coleman, interim commissioner of education, support the bill.  

As a parent, a teacher, a student, a tax payer, a community leader, what do you think about this bill? Please let us hear!


  • How do these suspensions affect students in the long-term?
  • Which students are most often suspended?  
  • What is the affect on the students' education?  
  • What will be the effects on America if 77,000 students in CT fail to get a good education?
  • In 2006, 77,000 students had out-of-school suspensions!
  • What are the benefits to the schools (if any) of these suspensions?
  • Why would the supts object to this bill?

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