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Honoring OneWorld 2009 Essay Contest Winners
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Each year, OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc. sponsors an essay competition to middle school students. Students are asked to write an essay on a specific topic and all entries are read and scored on creativity, passion for the subject, and overall excellence.

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Here are the 2009 Essay Competition Winners:


Most Outstanding Essay Overall - Click HERE to read the essay!
Brenda Calderon
- 8th Grade - Carrigan Middle School, West Haven


Most Creative Essay - Click HERE to read the essay!
Kristen Stadalnik
- 8th Grade - Hamden Middle School


Special Humanitarian Award - Click HERE to read the essay!
Lindsay Hiebert
- 7th Grade - Hamden Middle School


Very Creative Award - Click HERE to read the essay!
Abby Jones - 8th Grade - Hamden Middle School


Thoughtful, Warm & Creative - James Mendillo - 8th Grade - Hamden Middle School


The following essays had a "Special Impact" on all of us who read them:
1.  Lindsay Hiebert - talking about her father's work in rescuing children from slavery.
2.  Elizabeth Gonzalez's description of her aunt Marilyn's dedication to her severely injured sister, Diane, a NH police officer.
3.  Stephen Gonza's essay praising his dad's outstanding example to him and his dad's commitment to his family; a fine example for Stephen to follow into manhood.

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Read the winning essay by Brenda Calderon by clicking here.

Take a look at the 2009 Essay Competition requirements by clicking HERE.

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