Closing the Education Achievement Gap

Education is light.

Being Educated Means Being Enlightened.


1. What are the Education Achievement Gaps?


What are the main elements of those Gaps?

  • Report states the average Black or Latino 12th grader has lower skills than the average 8th grade white student.

  • Results of National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) states that fewer than 0.2% of black students scored in Advanced category in Math or Science

  • On 2003 8th grade CMT assessments (reading, writing, math) fewer than 25% of New Haven students scored at the mastery level

2. Why do these gaps exist?

  • Low expectations and poor quality education have negative effect on learning

  • There is no excuse why our inner-city schools are not as good as schools in the suburbs.

3. Why does it matter that these Gaps do exist?

  • Thernstorm research studies say: Test scores - regardless of race - predict future income.

  • Skills are now linked to economic opportunity

  • To get manufacturing jobs, students need strong math and writing skills; clerical jobs require sophisticated computer knowledge; literacy is critical to success.

4) What are the effects/costs of these gaps?

The answers to this question are critical; parents, teachers, business and community leaders in every sphere should understand the impact of this question and the answers.

"If you do nothing else for yourself, READ!  It is the path to real freedom."
~ N'Zinga Shäni, OneWorld, Inc.


OneWorld has various levels of partnerships with the school systems listed below

  1. ACES: The Resource for Improving Public Education in south central CT
    CT Education Policy Fellowship Program ... An exciting new partnership in early childhood services. Wintergreen Interdistrict Magnet School Calendar.
    350 STATE STREET, NORTH HAVEN, 06473 - (203) 498-6800

  2. Achievement First is a network of public charter schools:

  3. CT's Top Public Schools 
    New 2015 ratings of 1,000 schools Graded A to F on performance.
    The ConnCAN COMPASS -

  4. Connecticut State Dept. of Education
    Information about CT Public school system

  5. East Haven Public Schools
    News & information

  6. Gesell Institute of Human Development
    Serving Children and Families since 1911. - For parents & educators.

  7. Hamden Public Schools
    Academic calendar, adult education, meetings, special events and links to K-12 schools in the Hamden district.

  8. New Haven Public Schools –

  9. North Haven Public Schools –

  10. West Haven Public Schools –

Attention Parents & Educators:


President Obama gave a speech to the students of America-
click HERE to read it and get inspired.


A Free College Education for Hard-Working Students?
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by Melissa Bailey from the New Haven Independent


OneWorld's Parent-Teacher Education Forum had a great turnout!

Read the Article: "Teachers Teach The New Math - To Parents" by Melinda Tuhus


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UConn professor conducted research on Benefits of Campus diversity.

Check out the article here!


Campus Diversity Important Predictor Of Interracial Friendships

Campus racial diversity predicts diversity in future friendships, and it's generally higher for minorities than whites.


COO Marc Porter Magee Discusses Expansion...
ConnCAN is expanding! COO Marc Porter Magee talks about our vision for Ed. Reform throughout the nation in his interview with, a new website for education activists.

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For more information see Diagnosing ADD & ADHD:
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Helping a child with ADD / ADHD:


Guide to the signs and symptoms of ADD or ADHD in children. Includes tips on how to get an accurate diagnosis and what parents can do to help.


  • Education Section – Page titled: Mandated In-School Suspensions
    • Information about Mandated In- School Suspensions
    • Mandated In-School Suspension:  CPAC :: What's News

      For more information, please read the CT State Department of Education's letter to families in ..... In-School Suspension Bill to Go Into Effect July 1, 2009 ... as mandated by the U.S. Department of Education, whether the Parent Survey ...


The Connecticut Judicial Branch law librarians provide detailed information about the Rights of Minors in Connecticut and about School Law in general.  Click the link below to learn more:

    • Publications from the Connecticut Department of Education:. Early Childhood Education ... In-school suspension of pupils. Reassignment.


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