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We at OneWorld raise our hats to Paul Bass. His type of journalism is so VERY needed in our community. We are presenting educational television programs and community forums to make positive contributions to our community. Paul, through the NHI Online Journalism, brings us remarkable real stories about life in the broader New Haven community.

We applaud him for his commitment and verve.

We greatly appreciate journalists-- such as Melinda Tuhus-- whose excellent pictures and incisive writing communicate much more than the words alone would say. Personally, I am delighted to have access to Paul and Melinda’s work.


- N’Zinga Shäni
Executive Director, OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc.

Please read this article: 950 Families Close Digital Divide by Melinda Tuhus


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  • Do not complain about how bad things are unless you are willing to work for change.
  • Nothing will change if we all remain apathetic.
  • America is a democracy.
  • Help to uphold its democratic principles!

Let your local, state and national political reps hear from you.

They WORK for you. Participate!  Please!



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