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Civic engagement can take many forms— from individual volunteerism to organizational involvement to electoral participation. It can include efforts to directly address an issue, work with others in a community to solve a problem or interact with the institutions of representative democracy.  - Wikipedia



We at OneWorld raise our hats to Paul Bass. His type of journalism is so VERY needed in our community. We are presenting educational television programs and community forums to make positive contributions to our community. Paul, through the NHI Online Journalism, brings us remarkable real stories about life in the broader New Haven community.

We applaud him for his commitment and verve.

We greatly appreciate journalists-- such as Melinda Tuhus-- whose excellent pictures and incisive writing communicate much more than the words alone would say. Personally, I am delighted to have access to Paul and Melinda’s work.


- N’Zinga Shäni
Executive Director, OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc.


Please read this article: 950 Families Close Digital Divide by Melinda Tuhus


  1. Copies of all of our televised programs are available on DVD format.  People can order these programs through our web site and pay with PayPal.  They can also send a request via email.  All orders must be pre-paid before they are mailed or picked up.

    At OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc our goal is to engage the community positively on a range of issues essential to building more positive and involved communities.  We hope that people across the spectrum will respond positively by participating in civic programs, and that they will bring to our attention issues they would like to discuss and engage with others.


    To address specific questions viewers may call us at (203) 407-0250.


  1. Diabetes Diagnosis, Prevention & Management. We have excellent programs on the diagnosis, management and prevention of diabetes.  Dr. Robert Sherwin, diabetologist from Yale and Erin Ruppe, APRN, diabetes specialist at Fair Haven Health Clinic presented us with the latest educational information on the diagnosis, prevention and management of diabetes. We also have other information programs that cover a range of health-related diabetes information. 

    These programs are available on DVD!

    It is critically important that we all learn to minimize the effects of diabetes on the body’s vital organs.  Effectively managing diabetes is essential to longevity, maintaining sight & having healthy kidneys.

  2. Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence:  

    One of the sad facts of life in our community is the prevalence of Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence.   It is also common for many to think it is not their business and so they look the other way.  OneWorld appeals to every person not to ignore domestic violence.  The anthropologist, Dr. Margaret Mead once said: “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”   Each of us-- as an individual- has one voice.  As a collective community, our many voices together constitute real power.  We need to speak out against domestic violence and call for help; call 9-1-1 when we see others being physically, or we know that they are being mentally or emotionally victimized.  We can save lives.

    During difficult socio-economic and stressful times domestic or intimate partner violence escalates; it is a devastating and costly scourge on our society; let us all do whatever we can to help.


  3. Focusing On Education: OneWorld, Inc. began to bring viewers a series of programs which focus strongly on Pre-K – 12 Education.  We discussed and will continue to discuss:

        1. CT Proposed High School Reform. 
        2. Children’s Mental Health Evaluation & Treatment.  
        3.  The Importance of Parental Involvement in Schools.
        4. CT’s Mandated In-School Suspension
        5. Building Effective School Community Partnerships.

    To order a copy, email us at:
    or call (203) 407-0250.



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