About OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc.

Progressive Institute (OneWorld), Inc.
is a non-profit, 501(C)3 educational organization created in 1996,  and incorporated in 2004.  OneWorld's mission is to educate, inform and engage viewers on a range of issues critical to their lives as individuals and members of communities.


Our programs focus on:


    • Promoting Health Literacy- improving access and reducing disparities

    • Improving Education-at-every-level and closing the achievement gap

    • Encouraging Civic Engagement to strengthen the community


We invite you, members of the community, to join us and share information and participate in program activities. Watch our informative programs on your public access station, or on AT&T U-Verse.  Visit our Schedules page to see how.


  • We are especially concerned to improve the lives of the poor, the uninformed, and the disenfranchised by linking them, and the general public, to the critical services offered by local, state and national organizations and institutions.  

  • We strive to bring our viewers reliable health care and educational information.  

  • We partner with subject matter experts to produce programs that will expand the community's base of knowledge and direct viewers to reliable resources.

N’Zinga Shäni,  members of the OneWorld Board of Directors, the medical advisory, the Community Action Council (CAC), and the Youth Council, produce and moderate OneWorld’s programs, which air in more than 74 cities and towns throughout Connecticut.  Our programs air on Cablevision, Charter Communications, Comcast, Cox, and MetroCast and on AT&T U-Verse www.nhtv.com/Uverse.html  TV programs are also available on DVD for a nominal fee.  You can order through our online store.

N'Zinga Shäni was named a "Woman of Substance" by the Connecticut Post; she has also received numerous local, state and regional awards for her various educational efforts and  for keeping the community informed.


N'Zinga Shani
N'Zinga Shäni, Producer & Director of
OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc.

 OneWorld produces two award-winning television programs:
“21st Century Conversations” and “OneWorld Journal”




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