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OneWorld, Inc. invites you to visit these links and read the articles about the various education programs we have done that are intended to keep the broader community informed. 


We thank the New Haven Independent Online Journal for its vigilance in the partnering with OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc. to inform the communityabout these important issues.  Readers can post comments for up to 30 days after the articles have been posted.  We encourage comments that are productive and that help to better inform the community. 


Our motto is:
"It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."


If you or your organization has information that expands upon a topic, we ask you to contact us with that information.  We invite non-profit organizations and community, education and health care organizations that provide service to the community to inform us about such services.


April 17, 2009: SustiNet Health Plan Explained by Melinda Tuhus

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April 1, 2009: Panelists Send Out Autism Alert by Thomas MacMillan

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Feb. 20, 2009: Good News for Dyslexics by Melinda Tuhus

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Nov. 20, 2008: Children's Mental Health- There's Help Out There For Troubled Kids
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Oct. 28, 2008: Education forum: "Building Effective School Community Partnership"
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Sept. 30, 2008: Ten students from 8 cultures discussed "Politics & The Economy"
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We have a strong emphasis on Health Literacy; in May the doctors answered questions
Women, Heart Disease & Stress -  Yale doctors answered questions on May 8, 2008

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Here are links to some of our forums from 2007: Prostate Cancer
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Women's Gynecologic Health

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More on Women's Health Issues
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Nutrition, Obesity and Chronic Diseases with Dr. David Katz
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"Healthy People Have More Fun" program with Dr. David Katz, Nov. 2007

Push On for Minority Organ Donors, Miguel Rivera, kidney txp


NHI - Push for Minority Organ Donors


CTV Highlights Latino Health Care in Fair Haven, N'Zinga Shani's "21st Century Conversations"

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Reputed to be the Best Black History Web site 



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